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                Who, what, when, and how scheduled events are canceled


There is a group of league members who keep tabs on the weather and field conditions during the day and the league will make the calls on canceling events.  These will be done as early as possible but NLT 4:30 PM (weeknights) or 8:00 AM (weekends). If nothing is officially cancelled by those times you may assume that that day’s/evening’s events are still happening.

If they are happening because weather is “iffy”, then a cancelation may be made at the field by the coaches.  If there is an umpire involved, he/she has control to determine the best course and may seek input from coaches regarding the decision.

Cancelations are not always league-wide; they may be done by division. For example, our youngest players may be more affected by weather prompting their events to be canceled while an older team may be hosting an outside opponent for a game thereby keeping their event intact.

I ask coaches to contact the outside opponent and official (when warranted) to make sure unnecessary travel doesn’t happen.  A listing of POCs is forthcoming and umpire contact info is at the fields.

 Coaches may opt to cancel an event on their own if they feel it necessary.  However, if the league cancels events at Shaw’s Ln. specifically, you cannot choose to hold an event there on your own.  Often, the league is dictated to close that facility by the City of Dover. Once canceled, it’s official.

When the decision to cancel is made, the league will: Close the facility in the system and place a scrolling message of the cancelation(s) on the front page of the website.

Closing a facility will send an auto-generated text message to all participants associated with that facility for that event. How do you guarantee you get said message on your phone?

To receive the message, you MUST enable it in your DYSL account. Log into your account and perform the following steps on your Contact tab:

                    a) Enter your cell phone number in the designated field

                    b) Select "Roster" from the dropdown menu in the next field

                    c) Provide your cell phone carrier from the dropdown menu in the last field.

                    d) Click the blue "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

If you need assistance, please contact me separately.


Rescheduling canceled events:

If you want to reschedule a game and it’s between teams from Dover, coaches mutually agree to a date/time and work with your Division Director (and me if needed) to make it happen.  He/she may find they will have to cancel an event (practice?) first to schedule the new event. Keep in mind we only ask for use of Shaw’s Ln fields certain hours on the weekend.

Rescheduling games with teams outside Dover are more difficult due to conflicting schedules and facilities in each other’s town.  Often, they won’t be rescheduled.

If is an officiated game (10U and older) you are not guaranteed of getting another official to do the rescheduled event because of the lack of officials available. But it can be possible.

Work with the League Scheduler to find available facilities and times for rescheduling events and and pursuing officials for them.