Supporting girls softball in the communities of Dover, Somersworth, and Rollinsford, NH and Berwick, ME.

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                                              COVID-19 DYSL Policies

                    (subject to change based on CDC and State of NH guidelines)



  • Will always wear masks during practices and games  
  • Will complete attestation to COVID-19 questionnaire prior to practices and games


  • Must bring their own equipment: glove, fielding mask, batting helmet, water bottle, hand sanitizer, and catchers gear (if planning on catching)
  • Must wear a mask when on the “bench”
  • When drinking, player will be 6 ft. away from other players
  • Avoid physical contact with teammates (i.e. high fives and fist bumps)
  • Mouth-based activities such as spitting, chewing/spitting sunflower seeds, and liking fingers are not permitted
  • If noted to have symptoms during a game/practice, they must wear a mask, sit away from others and await pickup from a parent/guardian


  • Will complete attestation to COVID-19 questionnaire for their player prior to all games and practices
  • Will be immediately available to pick up player if noted to have symptoms
  • May bring a folding chair for their player that will be placed in designated player area


  • Will always wear masks (ages 5+)
    • May only remove mask if seated AND able to maintain 6 ft of distancing from those not in their household
  • Will not go within 6 feet of the designated player area
  • Must sit/stand around the field (1st base around outfield to 3rd base)


  • Dugouts will not be used by players when at bat
  • Seating adjacent to the dugouts, where available, will be for players and not spectators
  • If no adjacent stands exist, an area will be marked off for players to sit
  • No one may sit behind the backstop


  • Due to COVID-19 restrictions, each child is required to have their own equipment. The CDC’s list of approved sanitizers does not list any items that can be used on porous material such as the foam inside helmets, gloves or catchers gear. There are no approved ways to clean these items during the game.
  • Each team will be provided game balls for all games for their own team. No exchanging balls with other teams
  • Each team will have access to hand sanitizer for the players during games and practices
  • There will be no shared water bottles, food, or drink dispensers



                                                           Shopping List for Parents

Due to COVID-19 policies from the Centers for Disease Control and the State of New Hampshire, the sharing of equipment including bats, helmets, gloves, fielding masks and catcher’s gear will not be allowed for the 2021 season.

                1. Personal Water Bottle

                2. Bat-Must be marked as “Official Softball Bat” or “Official Fastpitch Bat”

                3. Fielding Glove

                4. Fielding Mask

                5. Batting Gloves-Not required

                6. Cleats-Not required but cannot be metal

                7. Catchers Gear-Not required unless your child wants to catch