Supporting girls softball in the communities of Dover, Somersworth, and Rollinsford, NH and Berwick, So. Berwick, N. Berwick, and Eliot ME.

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                                              Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register my player?

A.     Registration for our spring league will be open in January for a period of many weeks.  It is an online process and begins on the front page of the website.  It takes about 10 minutes to complete. Payment is expected as a final step of registering your player.  Non-paid regsitrations are rejected the system automatically after 15 days and the process will need to be repeated.

2. How long is the season?

A.     The season runs from late March beginning with indoor practices and ends in late June.

3.     How do I volunteer to help coach my player's team?

A.    Click the "Coaches Corner" button on the horizontal menu on the front page above.  Managers and coaches must apply by submission of the Coach Application which is online and submit a background check which is mandated by Babe Ruth League. The successful background check is good for two years and its cost will be refunded by the league for those who request it.

Additionally, each coach must also complete required additional coaches training. These include:

a. CoachSmart NH training conducted by the City of Dover Recreation Dept. This is a one-time only training.

b. Abuse Prevention Training is now mandated via Babe Ruth League and is done online as part of the background check on the Babe Ruth League national website.  This is also good for two years.

b. Babe Ruth Certification Training.  This is online via Babe Ruth League and does come with a fee.

Managers and/or coaches run the team program. Practices are usually 2-3 times per week until games start, then games and practices combined can be 2-4 times per week.

4.   What does a Team Parent do?

A.    A team parent basically is the team’s administrative assistant.  This person supports the team’s manager by helping with organizing the team’s concession obligation, distributing paperwork, contacting other parents through phone calls, organizing team party plans for Opening Day and the end of season banquet, handing out uniforms, or anything else the manager may deem necessary.

5.    Can my daughter play in a higher division than her age permits?

A.    Generally, divisions are based on the age breakdown given to us by the Babe Ruth organization.  They are: 16U, 12U, 10U, 8U, 6U. Your child’s age on 12/31 of last year determines the preferred age bracket she plays in. However, occasionally, the league permits players to play in alternative divisions. The league has a specific procedure for handling this. This process is outlined as an appendix to the league's bylaws.  It can be found under the documents section in the Spring Season documents folder.

6.  Can my daughter be put on a team with one of her friends?

A.    You may request it and it may happen. Our desire is to make each team relatively equal in skill level. Players in the 10U and higher divisions will be assessed on their skills and teams are formed through a draft. In the younger divisions (8U and 6U) we try to form teams by using schools players attend, friends and/or areas in which they live. 

7.    Can I request a specific coach or team for my child to play on?

A.    Like #4 above, you may request it but there is no guarantee it will happen.  Each season we reform teams in an effort to make them as equal in skill and competitiveness as possible.

8.    What will my child’s schedule be? How often do they play?

A.    Once teams are formed a coach will contact you with the day of your first practice, which will be at an indoor facility.  You may be given a hard copy of your schedule by a coach or Team Parent, but it will always be available on the website.   At any time you may access this information via the "Teams" button on the horizontal menu on the front page.  There are usually 2-3 team events (games or practices) per week. Occasionally, there may be more. Usually, practices and games are played weeknights and Saturday mornings with no set pattern followed.  Occasionally, depending on the number of teams in a division, the scheduler may attempt to give temas a set schedule each week.

9.  How are parents notified of canceled games?

A.    When events are canceled the league will notify those affected two ways. It will "close" the facility and also issue a message on the news banner on the front page of the website. This usually will happen NLT 4:30 PM that day. Being notified of a field's closure canceling the event can only take place when you enable this feature in your online account by identifying your cell carrier from a drop-down menu on the contact tab in your league profile.  You will be guaranteed to get the auto-generated text.  You can always check the website often to be up-to-date.  Don't rely on your coaches; they don't make the decision to cancel except on rare occasions when the weather is “iffy”.  Only then do events remain as scheduled and cancelation will be made by the coaches or scheduled official at the field.  

10.  Are games rescheduled?

A. Games are rescheduled as early as possible to make sure the players get enough games in per Babe Ruth rules.  At the younger levels they may not be rescheduled dependent upon the time left to the season and the coach’s decision. Also, see the Parents tab on the top menu drop-down of how notifcations of canceled events are handled and how to keep informed.