Supporting girls softball in the communities of Dover, Somersworth, and Rollinsford, NH and Berwick, ME.

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 Mon 05/31/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Dover, Shaws Lane - Field B: 8U 6:00p 7:30p  TBD No Events    BT 
Shaws Lane Thorner Field 9:00a 10:30a  >10U Division> 10U Dover Attack Practice    BT 
6:00p 7:30p  TBD No Events    BT 
South Side-Gabarro Field 4:00p 5:30p  >12U Division> 12U Dover Attack Practice    SS 
 Tue 06/01/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Dover, Shaws Lane - Field B: 8U 5:30p 7:00p  >8U Division> Service Credit Union Practice    BT 
Dover, Shaws Lane - Field C: 6U 5:30p 6:30p  >6U Division> Dover Police Charities Practice    BT 
Shaws Lane Thorner Field 6:00p 7:30p KB >10U Division> Kennebunk Savings Bank Season Game DeStefano & Associates   SD 
South Side-Gabarro Field 6:00p 7:30p  >12U Division> River Bend Pizza & Subs Practice    BT 
South Side-Murray Field 6:00p 7:30p  >16U Division> Wyskiel Boc Tillinghast & Bolduc Practice    BT 
 Wed 06/02/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Dover, Shaws Lane - Field B: 8U 6:00p 7:30p  >8U Division> DF Richard Practice    BT 
Dover, Shaws Lane - Field C: 6U 5:30p 6:30p  >6U Division> Collins Sports Center Practice    BT 
Shaws Lane Thorner Field 6:00p 7:30p  >10U Division> Martel Plumbing & Heating Practice    BT 
South Side-Gabarro Field 6:15p 7:45p GW >12U Division> River Bend Pizza & Subs Season Game Calef's Fine Foods (B)   KL 
South Side-Murray Field 6:00p 7:30p  >16U Division> GC/AAA Fence Practice    BT 
 Thu 06/03/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Barrington, BYA - T2 (B) 6:00p 7:30p  >8U Division> Service Credit Union Season Game Friend Lee Pets   PK 
Shaws Lane Thorner Field 6:00p 7:30p CP >10U Division> DeStefano & Associates Season Game Martel Plumbing & Heating   SD 
South Side-Gabarro Field 6:00p 7:30p  >12U Division> Storage Barn Practice    BT 
South Side-Murray Field 6:00p 7:30p  >16U Division> Wyskiel Boc Tillinghast & Bolduc Practice GC/AAA Fence   BT 
 Fri 06/04/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Dover, Shaws Lane - Field B: 8U 5:30p 7:00p  >8U Division> Service Credit Union Practice    BT 
Shaws Lane Thorner Field 6:00p 7:30p  >10U Division> Kennebunk Savings Bank Practice    BT 
South Side-Gabarro Field 5:45p 7:15p BK >12U Division> Storage Barn Season Game River Bend Pizza & Subs   KL 
 Sat 06/05/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Barrington, BYA - Field D (B) 8:30a 10:00a  >10U Division> Faulkner Teguis Orthodontics (B) Pool Game Kennebunk Savings Bank   BT 
10:15a 11:45a  >10U Division> DeStefano & Associates Pool Game Faulkner Teguis Orthodontics (B)   SD 
12:00p 1:30p  >10U Division> Butternut Farms (B) Pool Game Martel Plumbing & Heating   BT 
1:45p 3:15p  >10U Division> Kennebunk Savings Bank Pool Game Martel Plumbing & Heating   BT 
5:15p 6:45p  >10U Division> Martel Plumbing & Heating Pool Game Faulkner Teguis Orthodontics (B)   BT 
Barrington, BYA - T1 (B) 12:30p 2:00p  >8U Division> DF Richard Season Game Barrington Eyecare   BT 
2:00p 3:30p  >8U Division> Service Credit Union Season Game Precision Paving   PK 
Barrington, BYA - T2 (B) 1:45p 3:15p  >10U Division> DeStefano & Associates Pool Game Butternut Farms (B)   SD 
3:30p 5:00p  >10U Division> Kennebunk Savings Bank Pool Game DeStefano & Associates   SD 
Dover, Shaws Lane - Field C: 6U 10:00a 11:00a  >6U Division> Dover Police Charities Season Game Collins Sports Center   BT 
South Side-Gabarro Field 10:00a 11:30a GW >12U Division> 12U Dover Attack Scrimmage Granite State Elite   BT 
11:30a 1:00p GW >12U Division> 12U Dover Attack Summer Game Granite State Elite   SS 
South Side-Murray Field 10:00a 11:30a MM >16U Division> Wyskiel Boc Tillinghast & Bolduc Season Game GC/AAA Fence   BT 
 Sun 06/06/2021 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Shaws Lane Thorner Field 6:00p 7:30p  >10U Division> 10U Dover Attack Practice    BT 
South Side-Gabarro Field 5:00p 6:30p  >12U Division> 12U Dover Attack Summer Game 12U Ossipee Wildcats Game 2  SS